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SM Davao Bomb Threat is a Hoax

The Philippine National Police and the SM Supermalls management on Sunday said that a supposed police memo warning of an impending Abu Sayyaf Group attack is a hoax.

“Hi guys! Just an update, we got a call from abusayaf (sic) right now asking SM for $15 million or else they’re going to bomb the mall. We have 1 week to do that. We are on high alert now,” the alleged memo read.
The letter told people not to visit the mall but also requested them not to make the situation public.

"The information being re-circulated has been verified to be a hoax thru a joint investigation of our company and the local PNP in several areas. Moreover, the said information did not come from any SM Officer," SM Supermalls said.

"The Police Regional Office- Cordillera advises the public not to be alarmed by the circulating messages in the social media regarding Abu Sayaf Threat at SM," the CAR police said in a statement posted on its Facebook account.

Via GMANews

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