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Three Travel Tips

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1.) Always take something to snack on in your purse or backpack!

Whether you think you will need it or not, I can guarantee you will be thankful you packed something to eat at some point throughout the day. If you are in a park for a stroll or on a long train ride, you will be grateful to have some food with you. It can also help to keep you on budget since you can’t always be going out to eat! Plus, a stop at a local grocery store will be a new experience!

2.) Always try to go to the bathroom when you have one available!
In this case, follow your mother’s instructions and just try to go, even if you think you may not have to. Depending on where you are travelling you may have to pay to use a toilet. This may seem unusual but it is a common practice in several countries. Also, when you are abroad, restrooms may be in locations different from what you are familiar with or simply unavailable for the public. Therefore, when you are out touring the town and a sudden urge hits, you may not be too quick to find one.  It’s best to try rather than shell out a few coins to pay for one.

3.) Last and perhaps most important, be flexible!

Things never go the way you plan them. If there is something you really want to do or see, make sure you have a reservation or you’re there the right time of year.  Otherwise be willing to miss out. This is key to having either a great day or ruining it with a sour attitude. It’s fine to be disappointed about a change in plans but don’t hold on to that grudge for too long or you may be missing out on another adventure. You will be so much happier during your travels if you keep this in mind!

Safe Travels

Always remember to travel with awareness and precaution. Women need to take extra precaution on travel. Be aware of your surroundings. Travel light when you are exploring a new city and keep your belongings close.

Remember traveling should be fun. :)

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